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The Stepfather 2009

The Stepfather

Year: 2009

Directors: Nelson McCormick

Genres: Horror,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 4605

Rating: 5.30

Cast: Susan Harding: Sela Ward; Leah: Sherry Stringfield; Jay: Jon Tenney; David Harris: Dylan Walsh; Captain Mackie: Blue Deckert; Detective Tylar: Deirdre Lovejoy; Kelly Porter: Amber Heard; Michael Harding: Penn Badgley; Jackie Kerns: Paige Turco; Dylan Bennet: Jason Wiles; Beth Harding: Skyler Samuels; Mrs. Cutter: Nancy Linehan Charles; Sean Harding: Braeden Lemasters; Detective Shay: Marcuis Harris; Real Estate Assistant: Kara Briola

Taglines: This fall Daddy’s home.
This fall, do you know who your family is?
Daddy’s home.

Storyline: After leaving an article full of denunciations about the “Summerholt Neurological Institute” with her former colleague of the Daily Planet, Max Taylor (Jim Thorburn), Chloe is chased by Clark Kent who tries to run her down with his truck. He claims that he had received an e-mail just before his action. Later, Lana also receives an e-mail from the same address and tries to kill Chloe on the steps of Smallville High, who is saved by Adam Knight. Clark and Chloe, with a little help from Lex, investigate the mysterious e-mail origin, and they discover that Molly Griggs (Missy Peregrym), a former patient of the unethical Dr. Garner (Martin Cummins), is using her meteor-rock abilities to force people to kill through a hypnotic suggestion in her e-mails. Meanwhile, Adam moves to Smallville to be close to Lana despite that no body knows anything about him. Also, Lex makes contact with Dr. Garner and threatens to expose his unethical practices unless he helps him regain his memory of the last seven weeks.

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