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The Sunday Morning Stripper

The Sunday Morning Stripper

Year: 2003

Genres: Comedy,Short

Countries: USA

Votes: 58

Rating: 7.1

Cast: Bruce Bruce; Edwards Joseph; Hilliard Lionell; Larkin Steve; Paul Tony; Rey Reynaldo; Smith Shawn; Wiley Barry; Wilson Bob; Burnett Lize Elizabeth; Duncan Barbara; Fobi Cat; Gasgon Catrina; Hayes Cupid; King Fylicia Renee; Lane Sara Beth; Lauber Kalua; Lee Kiosha; Lewis Jenifer; Norwood Patrena; Reid Donna-Marie; Roby Lavelle; Sixteen Nicki; Tudor Inger; Woodward Elizabeth; Wright Kobina; Robbins Alicia; Goldberger Joe; Stubbs Angelea; Collins Sheldon; Baker Shannon

Taglines: The Lord moves in mysterious ways… well, sort of.

Storyline: A Pastor of a financially failing church prays for a miracle to stay afloat. His answer comes in the form of a woman that takes off her clothes during a heightened worship service, which brings in new tips (make that tithes) to the church. Hey, the Lord moves in mysterious ways… sort of.

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