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The Wheeler Dealers

The Wheeler Dealers

Year: 1963

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 420

Rating: 6.6

Cast: Astin John; Backus Jim; Bradley Paul; Briggs Donald; Burke Walter; Carmichael Hoagy; Carrier Albert; Chefe Jack; Cunningham Owen; Doohan James; Elliott Ross; Fawcett William; Forman Joey; Garner James; Grabowski Norman; Halop Billy; Harrington Jr. Pat; Harris Phil; Harris Sam; Helton Percy; Hillaire Marcel; Hunter Henry; Jackson Selmer; Jacques Ted; Kopell Bernie; Lane Charles; Leeds Peter; Marley John; McKennon Dal; McNear Howard; Nye Louis; O’Brien William H.; O’Connell William; Reid Elliott; Sayre Jeffrey; Shea Jack; Sherlock Charles; Stevens Bert; Strauss Robert; Sues Alan; Taggart Hal; Taylor Vaughn; Tovey Arthur; Watts Charles; Wills Chill; Wynant H.M.; Ames Allyson; Audley Eleanor; Bonne Shirley; Crowley Pat; Fax Jesslyn; Frost Alice; Marden Adrienne; Phillips Carmen; Remick Lee; Calley John; Ransohoff Martin; Goodman George J.W.; Wallach Ira; Lang Charles; De Vol Frank; Hiller Arthur; McAdoo Tom; Kuhn Richard; Pollak James S.; Rubin Dolores

Taglines: He really wasn’t out to make $1,000,000. He already had that!

Storyline: Henry Tyroone comes to New York from Texas with a lot of oil money to play with in the stock market. He meets stock analyst Molly Thatcher and the two fall in love.
Big time Texas Wheeler Dealer (Ivy league educated, but plays dumb) runs out of money and goes to NYC to raise 1.5 million. Great cast, romantic sub plot, and shows how knowing the tax code can make you rich!! A great movie for entrepreneurs to learn from (as is “The Card” with Alec Guinness).

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