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Three in the Attic

Three in the Attic

Year: 1968

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 143

Rating: 5.3

Cast: Ahearne Tom; Beck John; Derr Richard; Jones Christopher; Alden Honey; Martin Nan; McVeagh Eve; Mimieux Yvette; Pace Judy; Rose Reva; Tanner Elizabeth; Thrett Maggie; Arkoff Samuel Z.; Herman Norman T.; Nicholson James H.; Wilson Richard; Yafa Stephen; Contner J. Burgi; Stuart Chad; Vollner Fern; Meyer Richard C.; Newman Eve; Cash Jack W.; Dvore Sandy; Prendergast Bonnie; Reid Betsy; Whittington Jerry; Creber William J.

Taglines: Some men are starved for love… Paxton Quigley’s problem was completely the opposite!
Paxton Quigley’s crime was passion …and his punishment fits exactly!

Storyline: In the swinging sixties three girls discover they have the same boyfriend who has been playing around with them all while vowing fidelity to each. To teach him a lesson he won’t forget, the trio contrive to lock him up and continually favour him with their attentions in turn.

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