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Ti Ani Itar

Ti Ani Itar

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: India

Rating: 9.6

Cast: Subodh Bhave; Sonali Kulkarni; Amruta Subhash; Priya Marathe; Bhushan Pradhan; Gargi Dalvi; Avishkar Darvhekar; Suman Patel; Chinmay Shintre; Somnath Somawalkar; Nishtha Vaidya; Ganesh Yadav

Storyline: Anirudh Godbole and Naina are a contemporary upwardly mobile middle-class Maharashtrian couple. They stay with their 2 daughters in a comfortable flat in suburban Mumbai. Anirudh has a well-paid job in a corporate firm and Naina is a rising singer. They invite few of their close friends over dinner to celebrate the release of Naina's music album. The evening begins on a very pleasant and relaxed note. Soon they witness the crime being committed in the neighbouring building and the evening turns into a moral hell for all.

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