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Tinker Bell 2008

Tinker Bell

Year: 2008

Directors: Bradley Raymond

Genres: Animation,Family,Fantasy

Countries: USA

Votes: 175

Rating: 6.30

Cast: Queen Clarion: Anjelica Huston; Minister of Autumn: Richard Portnow; Clank: Jeff Bennett; Rosetta: Kristin Chenoweth; Tinker Bell: Mae Whitman; Fairy Mary: Jane Horrocks; Minister of Spring: Steve Valentine; Minister of Summer: Kathy Najimy; Vidia: Pamela Adlon; Bobble: Rob Paulsen; Wendy Darling: America Young; Terence: Jesse McCartney; Minister of Winter: Gail Borges; Iridessa: Raven-Symonй


Storyline: Though Tinker Bell might have played second fiddle to Peter Pan and Captain Hook in Disney’s 1953 classic, the beloved fairy gets top billing—and a speaking role—with this animated adventure. In TINKER BELL, young audiences can journey to Pixie Hollow, the home of the fairies in Never Land. The spirited sprite is joined by a number of her magical friends: Iridessa the light fairy, Rosetta the garden fairy, Fawn the animal fairy, Silvermist the water fairy, and Clank and Bobbie the tinker fairies. Fans of the Disney Princess series will find much to like in this offering that introduces characters that children can identify with. Like other Disney films, TINKER BELL boasts beautiful CG animation and a number of celebrity voices.

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