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Tom et Lola

Tom et Lola

Year: 1990


Countries: France

Votes: 139

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Belmont Olivier; Berman Marc; Dequesne Edouard; Haure Nicolas; Lejosne Quiterie; Levis Junior John; Stubbs Neil; Varini Celian; Arthuys Sophie; Chapuis Nadia; Collin Mйlodie; Frot Catherine; Magnet Cйcile; Quelme Gwenaelle; Souchon Janine; Belmondo Alain; Crosnier Gйrard; Arthuys Bertrand; de Chalonge Christian; Goldenberg Luc; Tйodori Muriel; Catonnй Franзois; Arthuys Christophe; Fouquey Jean-Pierre; Jorry Corinne; Kef Jeanne; Chabot Agnиs; Chassaing Renaud; Darie Laure; Lemut Laurent; Lenfant Nicole; Noлl Andrй; Vignier Bruno; Younes Muriel; Abbй-Vannier Michиle


Storyline: Their immune systems tragically damaged at birth, TOM AND LOLA are two beautiful children forever isolated in plastic bubbles. But neither cold urethane nor chillier hospital technicians can keep down the beguiling spirit of these indomitable siblings. Nor can anything stop their quest to one day run naked and truly free, unbound from the medical shackles that bind them. Magnifique!

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