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Toolbox Murders 2004

Toolbox Murders

Year: 2004

Directors: Tobe Hooper

Genres: Mystery,Horror

Countries: USA

Votes: 1873

Rating: 5.50

Cast: Nell Barrows: Angela Bettis; Saffron Kirby: Sara Downing; Luis Saucedo: Marco RodrŠ½guez; Steven Barrows: Brent Roam; Coffin Baby: Christopher Doyle; Byron McLieb: Greg Travis; Julia Cunningham: Juliet Landau; Chas Rooker: Rance Howard; Ned Lundy: Adam Gierasch; Austin Sterling: Adam Weisman; Jennifer: Christina Venuti; Hudson: Jamison Reeves; Dora Sterling: Stephanie Silverman; Philip Sterling: Alan Polonsky; Hans: Charlie Paulson

Taglines: Another legacy begins.
If you lived here, you’d be dead by now.
Every year, thousands of people come to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams. Some succeed. Some go home. And some just disapear.

Storyline: In Hollywood, the young teacher Nell (Angela Bettis) and her husband, the resident Steven Barrows (Brent Roam), move to an old building called Lusman Arms. Some sixty years ago, the place was glamorous, but presently is completely decadent, inclusive many dwellers have disappeared along the years. While her husband is working in the hospital, the lonely Nell hears some weird noises and becomes afraid of the place. While jogging, she is introduced and becomes close to her neighbor Julia Cunningham (Juliet Landau) and they schedule a hike together on the next day. Julia never shows up, and Nell looks for her in the building, finding a hiding block behind the wall, where an evil being, which was born from death, lives with many dead bodies.

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