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Year: 2004

Genres: Horror,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 905

Rating: 4.1

Cast: Ashker John; Brown Tobi; Crawford Clayne; Davis Jeff Bryan; DiNatale Nicholas; Galpin Jeff; Gillies Daniel; Groetsch Justin; Martin Brandon; Rokos Will; Smith Kurtwood; Tennant Rusty; d’Abo Maryam; Johnson Adela; Lamoine Virginia; Scott Ashley; Thomas Linley; Towne Katharine; Warren Estella; Anderson John J.; Barnes Michael; Maydew Sam; Merjos Stavros; Nazarian Sam; Petal Malcolm; Riley Kevin; Rosenfelt Adam; Schaberg Marc; Stamos Nicholas; Winograd Randy; Merendino James; Alan Jordan; Callaway Thomas L.; Weber Elmo; Martнnez Kim; Russell Esther P.; Anderson Kimberly C.; Carey Chip; Duffy Frank; Lockhart Jason; Oliver Kathy Chambless; Pendas Emily; Perret Melissa; Pham Phuong; Pulsifer Ruth; Riley Kathleen; Thompson Michelle; Turner Tim; Uddo Paul; Van Wye John D.; Webre Chad; Webre Emily; Zito Frank

Taglines: …Long After The Killing Is Over.
You’ve Been Warned!

Storyline: The graduation student Mark is developing a monograph work about contemporary myths, and he interviews the psychiatrist Dr. Theodore Rosen, who was treating Carl Bryce, a deranged teenager that killed his parents twenty years ago. The body of Carl has never been found and there is an urban legend that the spot is a cursed place since slavery times, causing madness and death to those that trespass the area. Mark invites his friends Eric, Tyler, Kristy Goodman and Sharon to help him in his research in the old real estate. Once there, a mysterious killer starts to execute and chase the group, with the survivors trying to escape alive.

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