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Triple Cross

Triple Cross

Year: 1966

Genres: Action,Adventure,War,Thriller,Drama

Countries: France,UK

Votes: 601

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Abbey John; Barber Gil; Bercq Jean-Claude; Bonifas Paul; Bory Jean-Marc; Brynner Yul; Caussimon Jean-Roger; Claudio Jean; Collet Pierre; Crohem Daniel; Dawson Anthony; De Wolff Francis; Doude Van; Douking Georges; Drake Colin; Favart Robert; Fisher Fred; Fresson Bernard; Frцbe Gert; Hahn Jess; Hall Harvey; Harari Clйment; Harden Jacques; Howard Trevor; Hutcheson David; Jackson Gordon; Journet Marcel; Kazerouni Morteza; L’Espagnol Olivier; Larke Richard; Le Bйal Robert; Lycan Georges; Marly Guy; Mayar Jacques; Mesnier Paul; Meyen Harry; Millot Charles; Minisini Jean; Noлl Hubert; Ozenne Jean; Phillips Frank; Plummer Christopher; Roche Marcel; Rupert Jean; Simono Albert; Stuart Anthony; Thomass Michel; Underdown Edward; Valorbe Franзois; Vaudier Jean; Vernon Howard; Zola Jean-Pierre; Auger Claudine; Claudier Annette; Grimm Gisиle; Marceau Violette; Paillette Laure; Schneider Romy; Sorrente Sylvia; Bertrand Jacques-Paul; Cheyko Georges; Feldkamp Fred; Hardy Renй; Marchant William; Owen Frank; Alekan Henri; Garvarentz Georges; Young Terence; Dwyre Roger; Davis Joan


Storyline: Loosely based on a true story, Christopher Plummer plays British bank robber Eddie Chapman who finds himself caught between the waring parties in WW2, the British and the Germans. working as a spy for both sides he tries to play the 3rd reich and the British against each other. the real life Chapman described himself as a completely ‘amoral’ person, which adds a nice philisophical touch to this somewhat colourful spy-flic. Is there any moral in making war ? Even if you’re the ‘good’ fighting ‘evil’ ?

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