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Twins 1988


Year: 1988

Directors: Ivan Reitman

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 15129

Rating: 5.90

Cast: Vincent Benedict: Danny DeVito; Al Greco: David Caruso; Burt Klane: Maury Chaykin; Julius Benedict: Arnold Schwarzenegger; Marnie Mason: Kelly Preston; Webster: Marshall Bell; Linda Mason: Chloe Webb; Mary Ann Benedict: Bonnie Bartlett; Beetroot McKinley: Trey Wilson; Granger: Hugh O’Brian; Mitchell Traven: Nehemiah Persoff; Werner: Tony Jay; Bob Klane: Tom McCleister; Morris Klane: David Efron; Peter Garfield: Peter Dvorsky

Taglines: Only their mother can tell them apart.

Storyline: Many years ago an experiment was conducted to produce a perfect human being. Unfortunately there was a problem. The zygote split unevenly leaving two children – one with strength, brains, personality and love and the other one with what else was left! Both children were raised seperately at different locations until one day the two unite and help one another find their long lost mother.

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