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Un amour de Swann

Un amour de Swann

Year: 1984

Genres: Drama

Countries: France,West Germany

Votes: 603

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Arditi Pierre; Arian Marc; Aurenche Jean; Baby Nicolas; Balmer Jean-Franзois; Balsan Humbert; Boudet Jacques; Brйmond Romain; Celeyron Pierre; Coffe Jean-Pierre; De Segur Louis-Gaston; Delafontaine Jacques; Delon Alain; Droch Martin; Geton Jean; Gitlis Ivry; Irons Jeremy; Liatard Georges; Martin Vincent; Nordmann Jean-Gabriel; Richard Jean-Louis; Tarrare Daniel; Thost Bruno; Topor Roland; Tory Geoffroy; Valade Frйdйric; Ardant Fanny; Barrault Marie-Christine; Bennent Anne; de Turckheim Charlotte; Dietschy Vйronique; Juvet Nathalie; Kerr Charlotte; Lachens Catherine; Le Sachй Bernadette; Muti Ornella; Pascal Philippine; Pilven Joлlle; Rayer Maud; Rosenthal Emmanuelle; Sйbastian Micky; Junkersdorf Eberhard; Mйnйgoz Margaret; Wiebel Martin; Brook Peter; Carriиre Jean-Claude; Estienne Marie-Hйlиne; Proust Marcel; Schlцndorff Volker; Nykvist Sven; Graham David; Henze Hans Werner; Kuhr Gerd; Wengler Marcel; Sassinot de Nesle Yvonne; Bonnot Franзoise; Bertonazzi Claude; Chemakhi Amira; Fernandez Peter; Gaubert Claudine; Mizrahi Simon; Richez Sylvie; Sbraire Harmel; Saulnier Jacques

Taglines: Volker Schlцndorff’s Masterly Film

Storyline: Elegant and educated bachelor, Charles Swann, moves in the most powerful and fashionable circles of Paris in the 1890’s. When he falls in love with Odette de Crecy, a courtesan, his friends warn him against marriage. Proving himself a silly and socially-foul goose, Swann ducks his social responsibilities, Odette ensnares him, and he is gently but firmly cast out of society amidst everyone’s great politeness.

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