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Vers le sud

Vers le sud

Year: 2005

Genres: Drama

Countries: France,Canada

Votes: 1480

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Alparad Keniolt; Ambroise Lys; Antoine Jimmy; Bonhomme Anathole; Cassis Michelet; Cesar Mйnothy; Delinze Salomon Jean; Francesco Jean-Pierre; Jean Samuel Pierre; Jerome Manolo; Koka Ti; Medelus Joel; Negиs Wanga; Nestant Guiteau; Olmo Diaz Jackenson Pierre; Paul Wilfried; Remilus Juckel; Robert Pierre-Jean; Ulysse Michelet; Amy Kettline; Blanca Lorette; Curt Genevieve; Destin Daphnй; Dorvillien Dieunie; Hйrard Marie-Laurence; Joseph Ariana; Lee Gabrielle; Michel Vanessa; Petit Natacha; Portal Louise; Rampling Charlotte; Saint Ford Anotte; Snyder Annette; Vincent Violette; Young Karen; Arnal Simon; Benjo Caroline; Casamayou Jean-Franзois; Hamilton John; Letellier Barbara; Lonergan Valerie; Reckziegel David; Scotta Carole; Campillo Robin; Cantet Laurent; Laferriиre Dany; Whitelaw Sandy; Milon Pierre; Sperdouklis Denis; Arnoux Tony; Lenfant Nicole; Pasquier Olivier; Reckziegel Karin; Ricci Andrй-Paul; Diago Franckie


Storyline: Haiti, late 1970’s. Sea, sex and sun for Ellen, Brenda and Sue, three North American ladies, on the wrong side of forty or fifty-odd, going through an enchanted interlude. Lonely, forsaken, neglected by men in their native countries, they can indulge here in carnal exultation without shame, thanks to handsome local young men they pay a few dollars. Ellen is a Boston French literature professor, Brenda, an unfulfilled wife from Savannah, Georgia and Sue, a sexually frustrated but good-natured Canadian factory worker. In this second garden of Eden they don’t care too much about the neighboring poverty nor about Baby Doc’s violent dictatorship. The trouble is that that two of the three women have sights on a single man, Legba. And Legba is beginning to be fed up with being a stud…

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