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Volere volare

Volere volare

Year: 1991

Genres: Comedy,Fantasy

Countries: Italy

Votes: 378

Rating: 6.6

Cast: Cosentino Rocco; Cosentino Sergio; Gravier Luigi; Gravier Mario; Grazioli Enrico; Izzo Aldo; Magherini Riccardo; Nichetti Maurizio; Pardi Mario; Remotti Remo; Roversi Patrizio; Salvi Osvaldo; Sarchielli Massimo; Scarpa Renato; Biondi Lidia; Biondi Lisa; Cavalli Valeria; Finocchiaro Angela; Olmo Rosanna; Stagnitti Regina; Valentini Mariella; Berlusconi Silvio; Cecchi Gori Mario; Cecchi Gori Vittorio; Di Sabro Ernesto; Faggella Duccio; Manuli Guido; Battistoni Mario; De Sica Manuel; Westheimer Peter; Angelini Maria Pia; Rossi Rita; Conca Achille; Fadini Lidia; Laciniati Bruna; Losurdo Grazia; Lucherini Enrico; Maronati Mario; Milani Lina; Norder Mieke; Pirola Anna; Wachter Patrizia; Fuzellier Michel


Storyline: Martina is a professional lady whose clients are harmless if eccentric; she sees herself as a social worker. Shy Maurizio dubs sound for cartoons while his outgoing brother dubs more saucy material and gets the girls. After Maurizio accidentally helps Martina on some of her assignations she decides to find out if he wants to help regularly. Whether or not it’s the possibility of romance, Maurizio is horrified to find on their first date that his hands have been replaced by cartoon ones with minds of their own.
Two brothers run a company that dubs films. One hires semi-naked actresses to provide sound effects for porn films; the other, the shy Maurizio (Nichetti), puts sound effects on cartoons. Meanwhile, Martina (Angela Finocchiare) is a “social worker” – that is, a call-girl who helps men (or couples) fulfill their fantasies…

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