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Walking Tall 2004

Walking Tall

Year: 2004

Directors: Kevin Bray

Genres: Action,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 9941

Rating: 5.90

Cast: Michelle Vaughn: Kristen Wilson; Ray Templeton: Johnny Knoxville; Jay Hamilton: Neal McDonough; Chris Vaughn Sr.: John Beasley; Connie Vaughn: Barbara Tarbuck; Jimmy: Andrew Tarbet; Chris Vaughn: The Rock; Sheriff Stan Watkins: Michael Bowen; Keith: Patrick Gallagher; Deni: Ashley Scott; Pete Vaughn: Khleo Thomas; Booth: Kevin Durand; Rusty: John Stewart; Deputy Ralston: Eric Breker; Travis: Ryan Robbins

Taglines: One man will stand up for what’s right.

Storyline: When a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces returns to his small hometown in rural Washington State hoping to realise a childhood dream of working in the local lumber mill, he discovers that much has changed, as the normally tranquil town is now besieged by drugs, outbreaks of violence and a general feeling of malaise and terror, with many pointing a finger at the influence of a crooked casino where his ex-girlfriend now works as a dancer. Seeking to wreak vengeance, with a four-foot-long 4-by-4 in his hand, and righteousness in his heart, the highly-trained soldier, now the county’s sheriff, and his deputy, realizes it’s time to bust some heads with a very hard piece of wood.

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