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Warrior Angels

Warrior Angels

Year: 2002

Genres: Action,Adventure,Action

Countries: USA,USA,Ireland,Lithuania

Votes: 189

Rating: 4.1

Cast: Brading Nick; Hauer Rutger; Kolosov Sander; Martinaitis Vaidotas; Parish Geoff; Scopino Greg; Vernon John; Vosloo Arnold; Whitney Sewell; Zebrauskas Andrius; Avery Charlotte; Culver Molly; Kaubryte Kristina; Pacula Joanna; Valiukaite Rimante; Young Nina; Borglund Mikael; Brandstein Eve; Gillies Bruce Wayne; Kuhn Tom; Mockert Rainer; Riley Brooks; Urbonas Robertas; Weintraub Fred; Weintraub Jackie; Weintraub Zachary; Thompson Byron W.; Sinkovics Geza; Jones Tim; Petrulyte Daiva; Kirk Neil; Torres Eric; Gailiuviene Roma; Stern Andrea; Bruzas Algirdas


Storyline: A Female warrior returns home after fighting harsh battles in the crusades, only to come home and find that her home has been attacked and her beloved son has been taken from her. She sets off on an adventure to find her young son and take down the evil force that divides her country and restrains their freedom.
In 1190, the knight Elizabeth leaves her young son Peter in England and battles in the Holy Crusades. She is wounded and returns to her village, where she is informed by the local priest that Peter was abducted by the wicked tyrant Grekkor and his army. Elizabeth decides to build an army to fight against Grekkor, but all the local men are afraid and she only counts with the support of Hunter and her bow and arrows; the prostitute Eve; and the gypsy Sybil and her powders and herbs. Later, the strong Luke helps them against Grekkor.

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