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Wedding Present

Wedding Present

Year: 1936

Genres: Comedy,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 154

Rating: 6.2

Cast: Allen John Henry; Arnt Charles; Baker Eddie; Bancroft George; Borden Eddie; Bradley Harry C.; Brophy Edward; Cheatham Jack; Conklin Heinie; Darien Frank; Davis George; Dawson Hal K.; Demarest William; Engle Billy; Fetherston Eddie; Ford Damon; Fox Allen; Grant Cary; Hamilton Chuck; Hanson Ray; Hayden Harry; Hoffman Otto; Kahn Milton; Lockhart Gene; Long Walter; McAvoy Charles; McCullough Ralph; Meakin Charles; Meeker George; Meyer Torben; Middleton Charles; Moore Rex; Mulhall Jack; Nagel Conrad; Offerman Jr. George; Page Bradley; Phillips Eddie; Powell Richard; Powell Russ; Pratt Purnell; Ring Cyril; Russell Edd; Ruth Marshall; Sherlock Charles; Shields Ernest; Shumway Lee; Sullivan Charles; Thompson Ted; Tyler Harry; Williams Charles; Wilson Clarence; Wood Douglas; Bennett Joan; Courtney Inez; Etterre Estelle; Forbes Mary; Moore Perry; Morris Frances; Oakland Dagmar; Wilson Lois; Schulberg B.P.; Anthony Joseph; Gallico Paul; Shamroy Leon; Carbonara Gerard; Leipold John; Skiles Marlin; Irene; Wallace Richard; Bischoff Robert; Zukor Adolph

Taglines: We’re almost married . . . and we want to stay that way !
Miss Big Brown Eyes would rather race to a fire than trip to the altar and Cary is the lad who tuned the fire-gongs to the Wedding March.

Storyline: Charlie Mason and Rusty Fleming are great reporters on a Chicgo tabloid and romantically involved as well. Despite their skills in obtaining great scoops, they are often irresponsible and immature causing their city editor to resign over their shenanigans. The publisher promotes Charlie to the job based on the premise that only a slacker would be able crack down on other underachievers. His pomposity soon alienates most of his co-workers and causes Rusty to move to New York. Charlie resigns and along with gangster friend Smiles Benson tries to win Rusty back before she marries a stuffy society author.

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