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Welcome Stranger

Welcome Stranger

Year: 1947

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 76

Rating: 6.2

Cast: Alderson Erville; Beddoe Don; Brooks Clarence; Burbank Leon; Clark Edward; Crosby Bing; Datig Jr. Fred; Dingle Charles; Erway Ben; Farnum Franklyn; Faylen Frank; Ferguson Frank; Fitzgerald Barry; Hall Thurston; Hurst Brandon; Ince John; James Jerry; Kibbee Milton; Kilbride Percy; Launders Perc; Mayon Charles; McVey Patrick; Meader William; Middleton Charles; Miller John ‘Skins’; Moore Charles R.; Muse Clarence; Nordstrom Clarence; Nugent Elliott; Ollestad Norman; Persson Eugene; Recht Joe; Shayne Robert; Stanton Paul; Tucker Tommy; Tyree Owen; Westley John; Wood Douglas; Young Larry; Allen Ariane; Allen Bea; Bronson Lillian; Caulfield Joan; Faye Julia; Field Margaret; Field Mary; Hendrix Wanda; Hoffman Gertrude; Knoch Lucy; Marsh Caren; Morrison Barbara; Patterson Elizabeth; Wales Ethel; Wallace Regina; Siegel Sol C.; Butler Frank; Nash N. Richard; Sheekman Arthur; Lindon Lionel; Dolan Robert Emmett; Head Edith; Douglas Everett; Daniel Billy; Sacks Benjamin


Storyline: Crusty Dr. McRory of Fallbridge, Maine hires a replacement for his vacation sight unseen. Alas, he and young singing doctor Jim Pearson don’t hit it off; but Pearson is delighted to stay, once he meets teacher Trudy Mason. The locals, taking their cue from McRory, cold-shoulder Pearson, especially Trudy’s stuffy fiancйe. But then, guess who needs an emergency appendectomy?

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