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Where the Boys Are

Where the Boys Are

Year: 1960

Genres: Comedy,Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 955

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Berger Ted; Brennan John; Cliff John; Durney Dennis; Durren John; Flynn Sean; Foulk Robert; Frees Paul; Gorshin Frank; Hamilton George; Harrity Rory; Helton Percy; Hutton Jim; Kruschen Jack; Lormer Jon; Madison Jerry; McGiveney Owen; Miller Harold; Murray Garry; Perritt Ted; Rougas Michael; Scotti Vito; Seitz Chris; Stevens Bert; Stewart Dean; Thor Larry; Tovey Arthur; Wales Ken; Wills Chill; Woods Robert; Byron Carol; Douglass Amy; Flowers Bess; Francis Connie; Hart Dolores; Marlowe Patricia; Mimieux Yvette; Nichols Barbara; Patton Mary; Pierce Maggie; Prentiss Paula; Ryan Marlo; Pasternak Joe; Swarthout Glendon; Wells George; Bronner Robert J.; Stoll George; Mager Kitty; Levin Henry; Steinkamp Fredric; Aaronson Irving; Sidney Robert

Taglines: The hilarious inside story of those rip-roaring spring vacations!

Storyline: Merritt, Melanie, Tuggle and Angie are four Midwestern college co-eds who travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for their spring vacation and we follow the episodic series of adventures and romance they all get into with some college guys they meet.
Good girls Merritt, Melanie, Tuggle and Angie – all students at mid-western Penmore University – are planning on going to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for spring break to get away from the mid-western snow despite not having much money to spend once there. On the drive down, they admit their real purpose is to go where the boys are. The statuesque 5’10Ѕ” tall Tuggle just wants to find someone who won’t be intimidated by her height. Because of her size, she sees herself as a “baby-making factory” – only if it is under legal circumstances. She meets the tall but kooky TV (so named because of his want to work in television), who is more interested in sex than he is in matrimony. Tomboy and perpetual fourth wheel Angie ends up with esoteric musician Basil more out of circumstance than want, but Angie tries to find some common ground with him. Naive Melanie is the extreme romantic, who dreams of being swept off her feet and proposed to by an Ivy Leaguer. She gets half her wish when she meets a bunch of Yale boys, but she soon finds out that romance in spring break Fort Lauderdale may not be all that she envisions. And bright but academically underachieving Merritt has the most liberal views about the entire male-female mating ritual, she who believes in living together before marriage and premarital sex, only however with someone you love. She catches the eye of the wealthy Ryder Smith, also an Ivy Leaguer attending Brown, with who she may test her views.

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