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Wild America

Wild America

Year: 1997

Genres: Action,Adventure,Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 2983

Rating: 5.8

Cast: Bairstow Scott; Glover Danny; Reese Larry; Sawa Devon; Sheridan Jamey; Shroyer Sonny; Stouffer Mark; Stouffer Marshall; Stouffer Marty; Stroud Don; Taber Norman; Thomas Jonathan Taylor; Walter Tracey; Ward Zack; Blackkettle Maggie; Browning Nadine; Crumbley Jennifer; Dear Devon; Dear Susan; Douglas Amy Lee; Fisher Frances; Fowler Rachel; Littrell Leighanne; Messmer Emily; Mickelson Jennifer; Popelka Ashley; Spivey Anastasia; Stedelin Claudia; Barber Gary; Peak Kearie; Robinson James G.; Smith Irby; Tisch Steve; Todman Jr. Bill; Wieger David Michael; Burr David; McNeely Joel; McLeod Mary E.; Dear William; Brown O. Nicholas; PappŠ¹ Stuart H.; Antle Bhagavan; Boysen David; Buxbaum Kevin Richard; Cainas Steve; Campbell Lisa A.; Cecere Al; Combs David; Cowan Leslie; Giblin Marlo; Hewett E. Michael; Johnson Robert M.; McCracken Mark; Papalexis Christine; Patlin Mike; Patsula Michele; Phillips Senia; Popelka Jacqui; Ragsdale Shannon; Rivers Tim; Sutherland Cathy; Jordan Steven J.

Taglines: take a ride on the wild side.

Storyline: Three brothers – Marshall, Marty and Mark dream of becoming naturalists and portraying animal life of America. One summer their dream comes true, they travel through America, filming alligators, bears and moose.
This is the fact-based story of three brothers who grew up to be some of the foremost animal photographers in the world. The story follows their wild summer when their parents permitted them to roam America with a camera they bought by borrowing money from their father.

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