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Working Girl

Working Girl

Year: 1988

Genres: Comedy,Romance,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 18985

Rating: 6.6

Cast: Babchak Jim; Baldwin Alec; Bennett Matthew; Bosco Philip; Byers Ralph; Carhart Timothy; Cody Steve; Colucci George G.; Dalton Lee; DeFelice Jr. Mario T.; DiMaggio Lou; Duchin Peter; Duchovny David; Easton Robert; Fennessy Kevin; Foley Tom Sean; Ford Harrison; Grenier Zach; Haley Michael; Lally James; Mancini Jr. Anthony; Nordling Jeffrey; Platt Oliver; Regan Dean; Rooney Tom; Spacey Kevin; Vitolo F.X.; Young Lloyd Lindsay; Aaron Caroline; Aquino Amy; Archer Madolin B.; Ayvazian Leslie; Chevance Nicole; Cook Trish; Cory Priscilla; Cusack Joan; Dukakis Olympia; Dunn Nora; Finlay Anita; Froehlich Lily; Garrick Barbara; Giles Nancy; Gray Kathleen; Griffith Melanie; Harris Jane B.; Hollander Sondra; Hugot Marceline; Lake Ricki; Matthews Paige; McGuire Maeve; Millen Georgienne; Milstein Judy; O’Malley Etain; Shane Samantha; Shepherd Suzanne; Silverman Julia; Wagner Maggie; Weaver Sigourney; Whitcraft Elizabeth; Greenhut Robert; Mark Laurence; Wick Douglas; Wade Kevin; Ballhaus Michael; Roth Ann; Nichols Mike; O’Steen Sam; Adams Cyd; Alagna John; Bailey Mary; Ballhaus Jan Sebastian; Baratta Richard; Bernstein Nicholas; Caron Jerry; Cerullo Al; Fields Joyce P.; Gerber Ken; Green Hannah; Herman Amy; Imperato Thomas A.; Johanson Ingrid; Kelem Michael; Kleinman Maureen; MacNair Susan; Mannain Brian; Marshall-Smith Linda; Myers Eric; Nizen Jan; Padwa Sabrina; Rauh Dick; Robin Helen; Saffir John; Schaffer Scott; Taub Ari; Thompson Caroline; Thur Pamela; Titus Libby; Tumminello Tom; Williams Gilbert S.; von Brandenstein Patrizia

Taglines: For anyone who’s ever won. For anyone who’s ever lost. And for everyone who’s still in there trying.

Storyline: Tess McGill is a frustrated secretary, struggling to forge ahead in the world of big business in New York. She gets her chance when her boss breaks her leg on a skiing holiday. McGill takes advantage of her absence to push ahead with her career. She teams up with investment broker Jack Trainer to work on a big deal. The situation is complicated after the return of her boss.
Tess McGill is a hard working young woman who is determined to reach the top of the stockmarket world by hard work but as she turns 30 she is stuck in secretarial work so when she starts working for Katherine Parker she is glad that Katherine is willing to accept input and ideas from her. However when Katherine goes on holiday and breaks her leg she asks Tess to look after things and this causes Tess to discover that Katherine is going to pinch her big idea that would save a large company from a a foreign takeover. Enraged that her boyfriend is also cheating on her, Tess sets out to do a deal by using her idea herself while Katherine is away. She teams up with Jack Trainer to close the deal before Katherine’s return and the two slowly fall in love little knowing that Jack is Katherine’s boyfriend…
A witty, romantic look at life in the corporate jungle: Tess McGill is an ambitious secretary with a unique approach for climbing the ladder to success. When her classy, but villainous boss breaks a leg skiing, Tess simply takes over her office, her apartment, even her wardrobe. She then creates a deal with a handsome investment banker that will either take her straight to the top – or finish her off for good.

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