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Young Sherlock Holmes

Young Sherlock Holmes

Year: 1985

Genres: Adventure,Family,Fantasy,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 7268

Rating: 6.5

Cast: Ashton-Griffiths Roger; Blakstad Matthew; Brierley Roger; Cox Alan; Cule Michael; Eccles Donald; Goddard Willoughby; Higgins Anthony; Hordern Michael; Jones Freddie; Lacey Jonathan; Malpas George; Martin John Scott; Munt Royston; Newell Patrick; Oulton Brian; Rhodes Earl; Rowe Nicholas; Ryan Matthew; Sawalha Nadim; Sparrow Walter; Stock Nigel; Tabakin Ralph; West Lockwood; Chandler Vivienne; Fleetwood Susan; Nevinson Nancy; Ward Sophie; Benn Harry; Johnson Mark; Kennedy Kathleen; Marshall Frank; Spielberg Steven; Winkler Henry; Columbus Chris; Conan Doyle Arthur; Goldblatt Stephen; Broughton Bruce; Hughes Raymond; Levinson Barry; Linder Stu; Allan David; Arnold Alan; Ashton Virginia; Barker Kate; Barr Libbie; Butcher Irena; Campion Robert C.; Hammer Vivienne; Harding Fred; Harman Robert; Lawrence Steven; Leigh Cheryl; Miller Tony; Mitchell Katrina; Moore Susan; Moskowitz Julie; Mullally Phil; Radford Bonne; Radford Mary T.; Regan Carol; Rowe Marie; Street Margaret; Trainor Carolyn; West Rebecca; Reynolds Norman

Taglines: Before a lifetime of adventure, they had the adventure of a lifetime.

Storyline: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson meet as boys in an English Boarding school. Holmes is known for his deductive ability even as a youth, amazing his classmates with his abilities. When they discover a plot to murder a series of British business men by an Egyptian cult, they move to stop it.
Paired with the owlish, reticent young Watson, Sherlock Holmes embarks on the solution of a mystery that involves a hallucinatory and lethal drug, and a religious cult celebrating ancient Egyptian rites of mummification. They all enter and view, from a hiding place, an Ancient-Egyptian-themed cult, known as the Rame-Tep (also known as Rametep and Ramatep), performing a ceremony in which a young girl is hypnotized, wrapped in linen and killed with the pouring of boiling wax atop her body. The trio gets spotted, and are each hit by a thorn and experience their own horrific hallucinations in a graveyard, but eventually recover.

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