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Youth Without Youth 2007

Youth Without Youth

Year: 2007

Directors: Francis Ford Coppola

Genres: Drama,Romance,Thriller

Countries: Italy,Germany,USA,France,Romania

Votes: 2031

Rating: 6.50

Cast: Dominic: Tim Roth; Professor Stanciulescu: Bruno Ganz; Prof. Giuseppe Tucci: Marcel Iures; Pandit: Adrian Pintea; Professor: Dan Astileanu; Dr. Chirila: Zoltan Butuc; Bartender: Dragos Bucur; Veronica/Laura: Alexandra Maria Lara; Josef Rudolf: AndrŠ¹ Hennicke; Woman in Room 6: Alexandra Pirici; Dr. Gavrila: Florin Piersic Jr.; Anetta: Adriana Titieni; Davidoglu: Mircea Albulescu; Grenzschutz: Cristian Balint


Storyline: 1938, Romania: at 70, a professor of language and philosophy, Dominic Matei, contemplates suicide: the love of his life is dead, and he remains unable to complete his life’s work on the origins of language. Then, he’s struck by lightning. After a slow recovery, he grows younger. He must now avoid Nazis, who want to study and experiment on him. Some years later, he meets a young woman who has her own passage through a lightning storm. Not only does Dominic find love again, but her new abilities hold the key to his research. Is the sweetness of life finally at hand?

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